Luca Staffiere

Luca Who?

Luca Staffiere is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. A passionate composer of progressive rock music since the age of 15, he studied foreign languages and literature, singing and double bass. In Berlin he immersed himself in the world of contemporary music, studying anthropology at the Humboldt University and composition at the University of the Arts. He plays bass in the traditional folk music ensemble Al-Troubaz and electric guitar in Kollektiv Unruhe. He has received grants from the Ad Infinitum Foundation, the Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung, the Mozart Labor and GVL. In addition to composing for ensembles such as Adapter, Mosaik and Kaleidoskop, he has pursued his passion for multimedia works by collaborating with choreographers, dancers, video artists and fashion designers. 

His music is inspired by mechanical rhythms and sounds that resemble the workings of a machine, while exploring new harmonies through microtonality, never abandoning a certain playfulness.